Thursday, 2 December 2010

Take the red pill....

For those of you interested in a more global feel this is an article on a really cool eclectic website set up by a lovely friend of mine in Estonia.  Read, enjoy and pass on....long live the red pill option.. x
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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

When is enough, enough?

I've been reflecting over the past few weeks on things that are worthwhile fighting for.  It seems to me that in our ever increasing complex environment that we live in we are frequently demanded to leave our principles and our integrity at the door.  This is something that does not sit comfortably with me.  In my desire to move closer to nature so my desire to live an honourable life has increased.  Don't get me wrong, I frequently get it disastrously wrong.  In my home life, as a wife, a mother and a step mother, things are frequently not easy or straight forward.  However my guiding principle is always, what is the right thing to do in this situation.  Sometimes that question is asked in the moment but more often it is asked in hindsight once the events have unfolded, often with quite cataclysmic results. 

So, this month I have challenged my right to return to work with empathetic working rights, I've challenged a friend who has enjoyed the benefits of a car without honouring an agreement, and I've challenged the financial role of an absent parent.  It's been a busy month.  The work situation is trundling along an inevitable process, the car has been returned and the debt paid, which leaves the last and probably the most sensitive issue, still unfolding.

One thing I've learnt about myself is that my desire to make others happy has often meant that my own needs get left out of the picture.  For some reason this is no longer OK with me. Don't get me wrong I haven't suddenly become this battle happy vixen, more the waves of injustice have simply surfaced enough to give me momentum to get off my back side and do something about it. 

I wonder where life got so complicated?  In my parents time, life was relatively simple.  You got married and you put up with whatever life then threw at you.  Oh how times have changed.  We now demand our right to be heard, our right to be treated as an individual, our right to be taken seriously, and the list of demands gets ever longer.  Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against this , it's just I've started to realise that maybe the mix is off somehow.

Two weeks ago I learnt that a friend's husband had died, suddenly and without any warning.  A life taken at the tender age of 45. With so much potential still to fulfill.  My heart has struggled with this ever since my mum phoned me to tell me of the dreadful news.  Mostly for the gigantic hole this will have left in his partner's and children's lives.  But also within the wider community. This was a man who was well loved and admired amongst his peers.  He was without doubt one of the most positive people I have ever had the privilege to know.  His funeral is on Friday and I know without a shadow of doubt that it will be one of those events that is incredibly well attended.  I am not so sure that I could say the same about my own life. 

I have reflected since hearing the news, on how these things come to pass?  As a christian it is not easy to reconcile the death of a friend with the belief of a loving and forgiving father figure.  I do not understand why my friend had to have his life so prematurely shortened. But one thing I do know is that his leaving will have touched so many lives in ways I cannot begin to imagine. 

So I can't begin to talk about jam I have made or the latest foraging trip I've undertaken, as in recent weeks this has taken a back seat to life and all it's myriad of challenges.  However what I do know is this, it is defiantly worth finding the energy to push against what is unjust or unfair or just plain annoying.  Life has not been set up with a view to finding us in a perfect position all of the time, but it most definitely has put us in the driving seat of our own destinies.  So my challenge to all of  you is a simple one, in what areas of your life do you find yourself compromised?  Compromised beyond what is acceptable?  and what are you prepared to do about it? 

Also, a question...Are you prepared to engage with life beyond your own boundaries?  Are you prepared, in order to live life more fully, to step in when you experience things to be unjust or out of kilter?  how far would you go to help another?
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