Tuesday, 2 April 2013

East coast shenanigans

An offer of a few days away from home and children came at just the right time for me.  These past few months have been horrendously difficult both emotionally and mentally and the idea of getting away from it all seemed like heaven sent.  My lovely friend Zoe has a caravan near Cromer that each winter is closed up and reopened around Easter and she kindly gave me the chance to accompany her on this years reopen it trip.  Three days away to the east coast in this weather in a caravan, even one with central heating and a gas fire had me reaching for my best thermals, wooly jumpers and Uggs as well as my Wellies, all of which I wore at various times though not required clothing for our choice of residence.

I think I need to paint you a little mental image of our 'caravan'.  Think more luxury end mobile home with three bedrooms, two toilets a fully functioning power shower and kitchen with proper full size gas oven and fridge and a living area that had a fourth sleeping area in the form of a proper pull out double bed style...there for the watching in comfort of movies.  Re calibrated your picture?  like I said a little slice of heaven by the sea. 

Like any good road trip it started 45 mins in with a coffee pit stop then zoomed along for the next hour and a bit with chatter and gossip another quick stop at a fabulous farm shop Walsingham farm shop and restaurant for produce lusting and a fab pomegranate drink that didn't look anything like any pomegranate juice I'd ever bought in either colour or texture and proved to be utterly gorgeous and then on to Overstrand and Ivy Farm and blue sky and sunshine.  Yes I did say sun, although definitely not sunbathing weather.

A quick unpack of the car and flicking the central heating to high we decided, whilst the sun was around, we'd take a walk over the Cliffs into Cromer and come back along the beach before getting down to the more mundane task of making beds and cooking dinner.  

The walk over the cliffs was great, just the right mix of sun, wind and views out to sea.

Cromer was an interesting mix of colourful beach huts, gentle pier, a few cute shops and cafes mixed up with the air of slightly fading beauty and just the hint of times gone by.  I found it quite refreshing and would definitely be up for a re-explore later in the season.  

After a much needed hot chocolate and shared slice of fridge cake we set off for home along the beach with the setting sun and a drastic fall in temperature.  Beautiful but blooming cold.

The next few days were filled with good food, great company and an awful lot of laughing.   Throw in even more coffee shops, cake eating and window shopping and you kind of get the gist of our girls time away. 

Now I have to fess up that I was pleasantly surprise by this part of the east norfolk coast.  Prior to this trip I had only been out to the East coast once, and sadly hadn't really left with any strong yearnings to go back.  This little trip has given me a whole other world of perspective. 

I really never knew there were gorgeous boutiquey shops a plenty in this part of the world, perfect for idling a few hours away, a considerable splattering of foodie places to eat and some stunning beaches. 

Go but don't tell everyone. x 

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  1. Some how I found this post - lovely view of the place we now call home. Between Cromer and Overstrand!

    1. It really was quite lovely. Lucky ole you's that's what I say. X